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Women's Special Event Committee & Leaderhip Council

When it comes to organization the develops and recognizes women in leadership, the Chamber is second to none.   The Chamber has more women in roles as committee and council chairs, board members, board chairs  for ten years straight, the board chair was a woman and more women engaged in business development than any other organization in the parish.  We are very proud of the women in our parish and our women business leaders.  In 2017, the Chamber launched its Women's event.  We also announced our first Livingston Parish Woman's Leadership Award.  It's important that we keep that recognition going.  This committee | council assures we have a robust annual event. Recognizing and planning the Administrative Professionals in our parish is an added piece as typically women are in those roles.   

See who's on the Women's Leadership Council by clicking here.


Women's Leadership Event

You assist in planning and arranging for a dynamic event suitable for the awesome women of Livingston Parish!  For more information on the event - click here.


Administrative Professionals Event

Another event of the Special Events Committee is the formation and enhancement of the day to highlight the important work of Administrative Professionals. 2017 was our first year for this event and it's a keeper. Attendees enjoyed the event held at a nice location with a special lunch menu for attendees.  To help make this a better event, contact the chamber!