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Voice of Business in Government

Livingston Parish Voice of Business


Your Business Needs a Collective Voice

Running a business is no cake walk.  Between employee relations, marketing your business, adjusting to today's new way of business and everything in between, you have a lot of responsibility.  Add regulation that demands more of your time and resources and you realize that you are probably not alone on your desire to make it easier to do business.

And you would be right.  You are not alone.  While certain businesses have their own challenges tied directly to industry, for the most part, businesses face many of the same issues across the board.  That's where being a part of a business association, like the chamber, gives you a collective voice to collaborate on area that impact us all.

Chamber Areas of Focus for Livingston Parish Business

Through the years, the Chamber's focus area has changed based on what was happening in the parish, who has been in charge, and what the most pressing items have been.  Some notable wins from the collective actions of the Chamber have been:

  • The Widening of I-12 through Livingston Parish to Baton Rouge.
  • The Bass Pro Economic Development Project
  • Promoting and endorsing key tax renewals for continued service and quality of place including schools, roads and drainage.
  • Acting as voter information source on candidates through forums and ballot items.

Flood, COVID and Representing Business

The parish has been through more than our share of disaster in the past four years.  When disaster struck in 2016, the Chamber was the "go - to " organization for working to bring our businesses back and keep them here.  We worked tirelessly with our federal delegation to bring true insight to the way the recover was going for business.  We worked with local officials as well.

The Chamber Industry and Business

For those not familiar with the Chamber industries role in standing up for business, it is the primary reason that Chamber's exist.  Business owners in local areas get together to form a local chamber of commerce to adjust to the needs of their community.  In the case of this chamber, the original formation was Denham Springs and in 2009, the organization's leaders changed the name and geographic area to include all of Livingston Parish.  A win for the entire parish.  We know a lot about what your business is facing, we run just like you, and we have representation from every area of the parish to unify and offer a collective voice.

How do we Deliver on Representing Your Business

Chambers in general are the go to source for any seeking collaboration with local business communities.  For this reason, we do have several issues that come to us directly through working with our federal, state, regional and near by local partners.

Through a Governmental Affairs Division, the Livingston Parish Chamber  monitors issues and encourages feedback from businesses on the outcomes of laws and their effect on business.  Each year, businesses are surveyed for input.  A Livingston Parish Business Priority Guide is created and approved by the Chamber's Board to act on behalf of chamber members.


Making Livingston Parish Business Better

Better businesses mean better communities.  Collaborating with local policy makers in a diplomatic way is a win for us all.  Advocating on behalf of business creates a prosperous community.

Efforts help advance an agenda with elected officials and key policy makers that promote a positive business climate and global competitiveness. Our efforts are centered-around ensuring that Livingston Parish is the place for you to operate, grow and sustain your business.  You can count on the Chamber to always work to improve the business climate on your behalf.  If you are a business owner and influencer, you should consider assuring your business has a seat at the table.

Goals of the Program

  • To advocate for Livingston Parish Business on key business issues
  • To share the business point of view with policy makers.
  • To promote interests of free market economy
  • To encourage simplify government regulation | Minimize taxes
  • Increase contact and access with elected officials
  • Maintain strong, diplomatic relationships with our elected officials
  • Build leaders for tomorrow’s future