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Leadership Livingston

Leadership Livingston Alumni

Leadership Livingston Alumni at the dedication of the Veterans Wall located in front of the Livingston Parish Courthouse.  A project group had the wall moved from the old courthouse to the new one and alumni attended the program in support of cohorts.

In 8 years over 23 community projects that impact Livingston Parish have been completed by class members.  See them all here.

Leadership Livingston has nearly 200 graduates.  Business leaders, public officials and so many more have graduated.  See them all here.

An alumni program that is always growing and evolving to the next stop step by keeping the community spirit alive.  It's all here.  

Why Leadership Livingston?

Leadership Livingston is a program of the Chamber launched in 2012.  The program makes Livingston Parish better by developing better informed leaders.  Communities across the country, including surrounding parishes, have similar programs that have been in place for decades.  Those communities see a high number of leadership program alumni engaged in efforts and leadership roles that make communities better.  Now Livingston Parish benefits from the same program.

Making Livingston Parish Better

Better informed, better connected, more inspired and open minded individuals are takeaways of class participants.  The more people who have access and information, the more successful a community will be.  It is important to not only know how things get done, but also to know the right way to get them done.

How does the program work?

The program first requires commitment from those who aspire to be a part of the class.  Once the class is selected, students are taken on a monthly 'grown up field trip', as one graduate calls it, where we learn about various topics and the inner workings of the parish.  Each segment shows the interdependence of one on the other to succeed.

How do participants benefit?

Participants gain relationships from other class members that are life long and meaningful.  Graduates share a special bond and knowledge that can only be achieved through the program.   Individuals are part of a collective community project and can't help but grow and learn to work with others.  In addition, It is especially gratifying to be a part of a community based project.  For those who truly want to make a difference and make Livingston Parish better, Leadership Livingston should be on your must do list!

Graduate Testimonials

"I could spend 50 more years in Livingston Parish and not gain the perspective on the parish that I did in one year in the Leadership Program."

"I had no idea that Leadership Livingston could pack so much adventure into any given day. It was well worth the time, energy and commitment."

"[The program] exposed me to the Livingston Parish community, business environment, and political market. Those factors truly aid leaders to make sound business decisions."

"This class helped me see the bigger picture - a future filled with opportunity & possibility! The friends I've met & the connections I've made are invaluable."

Leadership Livingston Class Sessions

Discover the gems of the parish and find out things you never knew!

Outdoor Recreation Day

Outdoor Recreation Day showcases the gems of the parish from a waterways perspective.  Many had never experienced the boaters point of view for the waterways.  Tickfaw River is the highlight of the day.  Expert tours take class participants through Livingston Parish waterways.

Criminal Justice Day

Weapons, K-9 Unit, Detectives, Jail Tour and more.

Past year's classes toured the sheriff's training center, parish jail, the 911 center, a criminal investigation and a host of other interesting functions of the Sheriff's Department.   This is not your everyday tour.  This is a one of a kind opportunity to view the department.  We can't show you all that we did, apply for Leadership Livingston for a date that you will not soon forget - (that means never!)

Social Concerns & Healthcare Issues

How aware are you of these issues?

Leadership Livingston puts you in close contact with the CEO's of the three major health care systems serving Livingston Parish.  Our Lady of the Lake provided free health assessments for class participants allowing the class to "know your numbers" and take control of your health. Drugs, homelessness, hunger, mental health issues, veterans issues, elderly care, foster care, child neglect, adult hunger, choosing between paying for medicines and the electric bill.  These are just a few of the issues you will learn about in the Social Concerns segment.  Want to make a difference????  First you have to know what the issues are and who is already in the parish addressing them.  90% of first year class participants had never heard of the some of the agencies that presented to the class on this day, that are daily addressing social issues in the parish.  To make a difference, you have to know!

Education Day

Leadership Livingston Class visits the LPPS School Board Council.  The Administrative offices and a comprehensive overview with our school superintendent is an insightful part of the program.

Art Culture & History in Livingston Parish

Arts, Culture and the History of the parish come to life when you live the days past.  Leadership Livingston takes you there with private tours, special invitations and a culmination of interesting places and knowledge of the parish.

Leadership Livingston FAQ & More