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Livingston Parish Chamber Education Initiatives


Livingston Parish Chamber Education Initiatives - Fostering Collaboration Between Business and Education

Collaboration between the Livingston Parish Chamber and and our parish's education institutions is of paramount importance in economic growth and community development. By joining forces, we aim to create a powerful synergy that benefits businesses, educational institutions, and the local community as a whole. This collaboration facilitates the alignment of career opportunities for local students, promotes skill development, and connects the business community with opportunities to engage in support of the school system.

How is the Chamber involved in education and why?

The Chamber has played a vital role in supporting local education initiatives in Livingston Parish for many years. Initially focused on a long-standing scholarship program, the Chamber expanded its efforts in 2015 to have a more significant impact on student careers, leadership development, and community engagement. Recognizing the rapid changes in the workplace, the Chamber believes that strong partnerships between businesses and education are crucial, thus driving this important initiative.

Advancing the Economy in Livingston Parish

Education and infrastructure are key drivers of economic advancement in Livingston Parish, and the Chamber is fully committed to these areas. Our association has dedicated countless hours, both from our administrative staff and dedicated volunteers, to raise awareness and foster engagement in this vital aspect of our community. Chambers of Commerce have a proven track record of convening and collaborating on local education issues, serving as a conduit between the business community and educational institutions. This has been the case here at the Livingston Parish Chamber.

Funding the Chamber's Education Program

The Student Career Programming is entirely funded by the Business Community, who are members of the Chamber. It is through the investment of our members that we can cover the administrative costs of the program. By joining the Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce, businesses not only meet their individual needs but also contribute to the growth and development of the entire business community and the community as a whole.

Education Committee

The Education Committee consists of dedicated business community members who are actively involved in implementing the Chamber's education programming. These committee members work diligently to ensure the success of our education initiatives and promote meaningful collaboration between businesses and educational institutions.

Our Parish Benefits

The collaboration between our parish's business association and education institutions is vital for creating a dynamic and prosperous community. By working hand in hand, these entities can bridge the gap between education and industry, foster workforce development, drive economic growth, and enhance the overall well-being of the community. Embracing this collaboration ensures that businesses have access to a skilled talent pool, students are equipped with relevant and in-demand skills, and our parish thrives in a rapidly evolving global landscape. Together, business and education lays the foundation for a prosperous future built on knowledge, innovation, and collaboration.

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Plan of action on Education Partnerships

Upcoming plans for Business & Education Partnerships.

Student Career Conference

Engage business and students through our annual Student Career Conference.  Started in 2015 and in our 4th year, with a break during the flood, we have interacted with over 600 students and provided them valuable information on career choices and knowing what employers are looking for.  Schools included have been Springfield High School, Holden High School, Maurepas High School, Albany High School, Doyle High School. French Settlement High School.

The conference achieves the following objectives:

  • Provides students an overview of soft skills employers seek.
  • Promotes all career paths to students.
  • Connects students to business leaders.
  • Recognized businesses who support these partnerships financially.
Support and Partnerships of Education

Thanks to the our Education Sponsors & Partners

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