Women's Leadership Special Event - September 2019

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Women's Leadership in Livingston Parish

Opportunity for Livingston Parish Women

Although women have played a key part in the growth and opportunity offered in Livingston Parish, there has been limited and scattered options for women to get together and learn from each other.  Because of this, the Chamber launched our Women's Leadership Special Event in 2017.

The new special event for women has been a high point in Chamber programming and has successfully brought together nearly 400 women in just two years.  We would say that you are answering to the network you are able to build with other women in the room.

Ready to Acknowledge Successful Women in Livingston Parish

We're ready to acknowledge the successful women and pair them with those who are up and coming. If you are willing to connect with other Livingston Parish women in business at all levels, this special event is for you.

Professional Women, Women in Leadership, Women in Business, Women in Management and Working Women will benefit from the event. Men are invited and encouraged to attend.

Topics of interest to women and those who do business with women

Women's influence and buying power continue to grow and we plan to cover those items in upcoming sessions.  Women's leadership and influence are not limited to buying power.

Business | Leadership | Workplace dynamics | Women's Health | Women's Finances |  Life-Work-Family Balance

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Testimonials from the Women's Leadership Special Event.

  • "Well done!  I left the event recharged and inspired!  The speakers, the messaging, the format...all top rated.  I can't wait until next year!"
  • "It's hard to believe this was a first-year event.  The program was top-rated and the event was well organized."
  • "This program gave me the pick me up I needed. Being in a room full of positive women was perfect."
  • "As a former female CEO, I applaud the Chamber for bringing this event to our parish. Highlighting the influences and challenges of women, and their expectations is a score. Thank you for this event."
  • "As a vendor, I was able to talk to and reach the attendees of the event. All stopped by to hear about our business and what we do. It was a good move for our business."
  • "The program was so great, how are you going to top it for 2018?"  - We are wondering the same thing!  BUT are up for the challenge!

2017 Recap

Winners and Sponsors:  Presenting Sponsor:  Assurance Financial - David Alello
Women's Leadership Award Recipient:  Regina Allen Walker
Presenters:  Michele Sutton, CEO North Oaks Health System  -Twelve-Step Plan for Success
Keynote Speaker:  Coach D-D Breaux - LSU Gymnastics Coach | Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame | SEC Coach of the Year

Business - Leadership work place dynamics | Women's Health - taking care of you first | Women's Finances | Stress & Time Management  |  Life - Work - Family Balance

Professional Women, Women in Leadership, Women in Business, Women in Management and Working Women will benefit from the event. All women event.  Numbers on women's buying power and other influences that women are in charge of are on the agenda as well.  Women and Governmental Relations - Understanding issues and how they affect you, women's issues and the power of the women's vote