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Business Resources

Starting A Business

Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce

As a business organization invested in the success of the Livingston Parish business community, it is smart business to make joining the Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce part of your business plan.  While we would be happy to assist you in navigating the process of business start up, we can also direct you to resources that are available, tax payer funded and specifically for business start up advice.

By the way, the Chamber functions almost exactly like a business with a few exceptions.

Proper planning and consideration to executive a successful business venture is key.  Here are just a few of the steps you should consider when planning for your business.

Louisiana Secretary of State - Filing your business name

The Louisiana Secretary of State administers and files records of Louisiana businesses.  Here is where you will file to documents to create your unique business names and structure.  The website is easy to navigate and a valuable resource in determining type of business structure and other important considerations.   Consulting a tax professional and attorney is advised for consideration of legal, tax and other deciding factors.  Whether you choose sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company and limited liability partnership, there are pros and cons to each type of business and varying tax considerations.  The site will also direct you to the Louisiana Department of Revenue, Louisiana Department of Labor and other sites.

The Louisiana Secretary of State's website is easy to navigate and is a valuable resource.  Louisiana geauxBIZ here


United States Small Business Administration

The SBA is Funded with federal tax payer dollars as a division of the United States Government.  This site offers resources on business start up and retention.  United States Small Business Administration Website

Dixie Business Center

Dixie Business Center on Range Avenue in Denham Springs is a partnership with DEMCO.  The center provides one on one business consulting including writing a business plan.  You can contact them to set up an appointment for individual consulting.  In addition, the Center is an incubator which is in place to allow low rent to businesses as businesses grow and eventually move on their own locations.
Contact the Dixie Business Center at their website HERE

Louisiana Small Business Development Center

The Louisiana Small Business Development Center is publicly funded through federal and state including the SBA and LED.  The SBDC at Southeastern Louisiana offers consulting at the Dixie Business Center in Livingston Parish.  You can reach all sites including the SLU site, by visiting this website.  Louisiana Small Business Development Center Site
This site includes information on writing a business plan.


The Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce serves as THE CONNECTOR and business resource.  Our members are professional and are willing to share their personal business experience with other chamber members.  The positive business environment enables members to constantly promote their businesses through networking opportunities, allowing the ability to build strong relationships and to remain connected to the community. The Chamber works in business, education and higher education to ensure business has the workforce and skilled employee needs of the future.

The CHAMBER is the first stop for resources that keep business engaged, informed and most of all connected.  CONTINUED training programs for business are offered through the CHAMBER and include group trainings as well as individual business training.  develop a skilled, educated workforce, as well as programs that assist new and existing businesses to grow. This environment continues to keep Livingston Parish as one of the fastest growing parishes in Louisiana. With easy access to the I-10/I-12 corridor, a cargo railroad line, The Baton Rouge Airport and New Orleans International Airport, businesses and clients can travel with ease, comfort and safety.

Your Chamber…”In Business for Business”


Additional information may be found at the following websites:

Southeastern Small Business Development Center

Louisiana Secretary of State

Livingston Economic Development Council

Louisiana Economic Development

Livingston Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau

Livingston Parish President/Council

Dixie Business Center

Business Start-Up

Business Plan Workbook

Business Incentives

Summary of Louisiana Tax Incentives

Louisiana Economic Development offers extensive incentives to attract and retain businesses in Louisiana.  Below is a summary--for more information, visit or call 225.342.5675

Enterprise Zone

Tax credit program: provides a one-time $2,500 tax credit per certified net new job, and either a 4% sales/use tax rebate on capital expenditures or an investment tax credit equal to 1.5% of qualifying expenses  • Must increase employment within specified time frame • Must hire 35% of new  workers from one of four targeted groups

Quality Jobs

Cash rebate: provides 5% or 6% rebate on annual payroll expenses for up to 10 years, and either a 4% sales/use tax rebate on capital  expenditures or an investment tax credit   equal to 1.5% of qualifying expenses • Must fall within one of the state’s target industries or • Have total annual out-of-state sales of at least 50%

Restoration Tax Abatement

Property tax abatement: provides five-year 100% abatement for the rehabilitation of an existing structure based on assessed valuation of  property prior to beginning improvements  • Must be located in a qualifying district and approved by local governing authority • Does not exempt the acquisition cost of the structure Industrial Tax Exemption Property tax abatement: provides a 100% property tax abatement for up to 10 years on manufacturer’s qualifying capital investments • Applies only to capital investments by Louisiana manufacturers • Property must remain on the site at all times

Research & Development Tax Credit

Tax credit program: provides up to a 40% tax credit for Louisiana businesses (based on employment) that conduct research and development activities in Louisiana • Must have incurred federal research and development expenses and/or received SBIR/STTR grant(s)

Sound Recording Investor Tax Credit

Tax credit program: provides a 25% refundable tax credit on qualified expenditures for sound recording productions • Must spend at least $15,000 in Louisiana

Digital Media and Software Incentive

Tax credit program: provides a 25% tax credit on qualified production expenditures and a 35% tax credit for Louisiana resident labor expenditures • Must be a digital interactive media production in Louisiana • Excludes largely static Internet sites and products regulated under the Louisiana Gaming Control Law

Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit

Tax credit program: provides a tax credit of 30% on qualified production expenditures and an additional 5% tax credit for Louisiana resident labor expenditures • Must spend at least $300,000 on motion picture production in Louisiana

Live Performance Tax Credit

Tax credit program: provides a tax credit of up to 35% on qualified production or infrastructure development expenditures; additional credits available for payroll and   transportation expenditures  • Must spend at least $100,000 on live performance production or infrastructure projects in Louisiana

LED FastStart™

Workforce development program: provides workforce recruitment, screening and training to new and expanding Louisiana companies at no cost  • Any manufacturing, digital media, corporate headquarters, warehouse and distribution, research and development or other strategic facility must commit to creating at least 15 jobs • Service providers must commit to creating at least 50 jobs

Technology Commercialization Credit and Jobs Program

Tax credit program: provides 40% refundable tax credit on costs related to the commercialization of Louisiana technology and a 6% payroll rebate for the creation of new direct   jobs  • Must commercialize a technology developed in Louisiana • Must partner with a Louisiana higher education institute or be a governmental research institution

Modernization Tax Credit

Tax credit program: provides a 5% refundable state tax credit for manufacturers modernizing or upgrading existing facilities in Louisiana  • Must improve entire facility’s or specific unit’s efficiency by 10% or more or • Facility must be in competition for capital expenditures within a company’s established capital expenditure budget plan

Small Business Loan Program

Loan assistance program: provides up to 75% loan guarantees to facilitate capital accessibility • Must be a Louisiana small business (as defined by SBA) • Must have a business plan and a bank willing to fund the loan

Microloan Program

Loan assistance program: provides up to 80% loan guarantee for banks that fund loans of $5,000 to $50,000 to small businesses  • Must be a Louisiana small business (as defined by SBA)

Bonding Assistance Program

Loan assistance program: provides up to 25% loan guarantee for qualifying small contractors bidding on private or public jobs • Must be certified in Small and Emerging Business Development Program • Must complete Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute or have LED waiver

Veteran Initiative

Provides veteran-owned and disabled, service-oriented veteran-owned small businesses with greater potential for access to state procurement and public contract opportunities  • Must be a veteran or disabled, service-oriented veteran • Must be certified by LED, a Louisiana resident and have fewer than 50 full-time employees

Angel Investor Tax Credit

Tax credit program: provides credit up to 35% for individual investors when they invest in early stage, wealth-creating businesses  • Must have principal business operations in Louisiana • Must have Louisiana tax identification number