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Ambassadors Rock! 

Chamber Ambassadors are a willing group of very cool Chamber volunteers who assist in promoting the Chamber and its programs to business members.  Ambassadors may also act as volunteer reinforcement for select Chamber events and assist in welcoming new members to the Chamber.  Ambassadors can visit current members to bring them up to date on the latest Chamber programs, initiatives and opportunities.

Ambassadors are outgoing members who know how to get the most from their Chamber membership and are enthusiastic to share the “Chamber connections and experience” with other professionals. Ambassadors are spotlighted in several ways including. Ambassador of the Month, Ambassador of the Year, Leads for Lunch, building a network and more.

Ambassadors should have:

  • understanding and a positive approach to Chamber membership and members.
  • willingness to learn and become a Chamber "specialist"
  • desire to grow Chamber membership and retention
  • a flexible schedule
  • commitment to peer Ambassadors.
  • an inclusive approach and assistance to high turn out at events.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

Exposure, connections, opportunity, you name it, Ambassadors get it.  Ambassadors are front and center making them and their business visible.  Most Ambassadors are a part of the program to be a part of a group that is helping business and making Livingston Parish better.  Relationships are life long and meaningful.  One of the biggest benefits of being involved with the chamber is building a network business professionals that you can rely on. Aka - Friendships.  Are you committed?  Yes?  Then we will find a way to get you engaged and involved.

2018 Ambassadors : Kathy Maust - Realtor, Steve Bernard - Client Technology Services, Shawn Brady - Office Depot, Robert Reynolds - Primerica, Kelsey Moak - Gulf South Technology Services.

Certified Ambassadors


Kathy Maust
2013 Ambassador Award
Ambassador since 2012

LP Chamber Ambassador of the year

Steve Bernard
Client Technology Services
Ambassador of the Year

LP Chamber Ambassador Award

Shawn Brady
Office Depot
Ambassador of the Year

Ambassadors of the Year

2019 - Steve Bernard Client Technology Services

2018 - Shawn Brady Office Depot

2017 - Kathy Maust Realtor

2015 - Leesha Gleber The Livingston Parish News

2014 - Karen Demaree Bizworks, LLC

Kathy Maust - Realtor
Karen Demaree - Bizworks

Ambassador Council Meetings
and Tasks

Meetings: Monthly
Leads for Lunch: Wednesdays varies
Member Packet Delivery: Ongoing
Contact with Assigned Members: Ongoing
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