Network - Build Your Network

The Chamber is the best way to build your network.


NETWORK: to interact or the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.  a group or system of interconnected people or things.

Chambers of Commerce throughout the country are the original network builders!  Chamber of Commerce members have always found a way to meet and join together for common good and the good of the individual business / business owner / business professional.

With nearly 150 opportunities to engage your business each year, the Chamber provides more opportunities to build your network and broaden your knowledge of all industries.

General Meetings - typical attendance from 100 to 255 attendees

In Person Networks
With nearly 150 opportunities to get together with other business professional, consumers, elected officials, stakeholders, etc, the Chamber CONNECTS!  We are proud of our reach and the thousands of relationship that have joined and been formed through the Chamber.

To learn more about Network Events, view our events overview page HERE.  Each event lists out the opportunities.  As you can see the opportunities to network are many.

Social Network
The Chamber is social!  That helps your business and desire to network and meet others.  From our Facebook page, to Private Groups, to Twitter - we are out there!
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Events and typical Leads for Lunch - typical attendance 50 to 75 attendees

Ribbon Cuttings - Welcoming a new business to the area provides a way to engage and meet newcomers to the area.  Attendance varies broadly from 8 to 400 attendees!

Committee Meetings - Attendance depends on the committee.  Committee participation should not be overlooked as a way to build strong networks.  In fact, we know many committee members who have built solid relationships and referral systems.

Breakfast Briefings - Attendance varies.  Open meetings typically have 20 to 50 attendees.

Special Meetings - Special meetings and events range in attendance from 25 to 150.

Events - Large events, large attendance.  Fun, relaxed environments are the key to environments that say, I am here for the long run, not just to make a sale!

Yes - there is learning but there is strong network! Meet with other pros at CBA.