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Network - Build Your Network


Chamber = In person Network

Build your business network through the Chamber.  Being part of the largest business network in the parish assures your business is on the right track to building the right relationships.   Countless introductions and friendships have been formed here.  

NETWORK: to interact or the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.  a group or system of interconnected people or things.

Chambers of Commerce members have always found a way to meet and join together for common good and the good of the individual business / business owner / business professional.

  • Nearly 150 opportunities for face to face networks.
  • Biz Connections Lunch
  • To learn more about Network Events, view our events overview page HERE.
  • Committee Meetings -Committee members build solid relationships and referral systems.
Livingston Business Network Logo (3)

Livingston Business Network - One per industry

Livingston Business Network - LBN - is a program of the Chamber which provides business professionals the opportunity to collaborate on a regular basis by meeting in peer groups.    

EXCLUSIVE:  Attendance requirements for LBN group members. 

The groups are limited to one representative per industry.  Groups meet twice per month, with the day and time determined by the founding group members.

  • Learn about other industries makes you a more valuable source for your customers.
  • Referrals within the group grow your business.  Millions have already been referred.
  • Spotlight your business on regular rotation basis plus offer and learn from education segments.

Learn more, sign up and see who is in the group HERE.

Biz Connections Transparent

BIZ Connections - aka Leads for Lunch

Network with a larger group through our Biz Connections event.  You get to meet everyone in the room when you introduce your business and hear from theirs. Don't be shy!  

CONNECTIONS: Reviews on this event are always positive!  Worth your time. 

Typically 40 - 70 people attend this fun, fast, interactive luncheon.  Chamber Ambassadors are on hand welcoming participants plus letting them know what to expect.

  • Spotlight business and brief learning segments leave you with a take away every time you attend.
  • Member exclusive event.  Guests are welcome to visit once and check it out!
  • Ambassadors are at each table to interact and assist in navigating member benefits.
  • Sponsorship opportunity for this event.
  • Spotlight table and door prize opportunity for all attendees.

Learn More Here plus view a video on the event to see how it works!

The Chamber is the best way to build your network.


In Person Networks
With nearly 150 opportunities to get together with other business professional, consumers, elected officials, stakeholders, etc, the Chamber CONNECTS!

Social Network
The Chamber is social!  That helps your business and desire to network and meet others.  From our Facebook page, to Private Groups, to Twitter - we are out there!
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