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Leadership Livingston Alumni
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Leadership Livingston Alumni Program

The Leadership Livingston Alumni Program is open to graduates of the Leadership Livingston Program. It offers an opportunity for alumni to stay engaged post graduation.  Alumni can connect, grow, and contribute to the ongoing betterment of Livingston Parish.

Leadership Alumni Program Goals

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Stay Connected and Continue to Grow

Through the Leadership Livingston Alumni Program, graduates can maintain strong connections with fellow alumni, creating a vibrant network of leaders in our community. We believe in lifelong learning, and our program offers opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Community Initiatives

One of the core values of the Leadership Livingston Alumni Program is community service. Lessons learned through the program can be transitioned over to bigger levels of service.  We actively engage in various projects and initiatives aimed at making Livingston Parish an even better place to live and work. Join us in giving back and creating a lasting impact in our community.

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Leadership Development

One of the goals of the Leadership Livingston Alumni Program is leadership development. Alumni are encouraged to foster a desire for lifelong learning.  The Leadership Livingston Alumni program is developed to offer leadership opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Keeping informed through communications will ensure you are aware when these are available.

Leadership Livingston Alumni Council

The Leadership Livingston Alumni Program is led by the dedicated members of the Alumni Council. The primary role of the council is to engage alumni.  The council plans, prepares, and discusses actions that drive the alumni program forward. In addition to their leadership role, the Alumni Council provides support to the most current class and nominates outstanding candidates for future Leadership Livingston Program classes.

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Left to Right:  Michelle Tranchina, Steve Bernard, Sybil Cotten, Mike Cotton, April Wehrs, Tiffany Sicard, Cheri Odom, Lloyd Andell  Not pictured:  Chasity Chauvin, Kelsie Moak, Patricia Basco, Richard Hill, Travis Tharp, Allison James, Joey Amadeo, Nathan Sanders

Leadership Livingston Alumni  

Alumni at Veterans Wall