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Livingston Parish Business Priorities | Chamber Annual Agenda

Each year, the Livingston Parish Chamber compiles the Livingston Parish Business Priorities Guide.  The priorities are written based on feedback from Livingston Parish businesses plus collaborations from other chambers and associations on upcoming issues.  In addition, the priorities include items that, when addressed, make Livingston Parish more competitive, more desirable and offer an overall better quality of life.

Sharing the collective business point of view is how the Livingston Parish business community is represented.  Advocacy of the business community is major program of the Chamber.  The Chamber’s membership is given an opportunity to poll, survey and individually express their concerns.

Diplomatic and respectful conversations with those who carry out regulations and laws imposed on business are important to achieve a common goal of supporting business, positively promoting the parish and improving the overall quality of life in our parish and its communities.


The Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce is a 2016 CASE Agenda Signatory. The Coalition for a Stronger Economy (CASE) is contains more than 65 groups on a platform of accelerating growth, adopting a competitive tax code, transforming state budgeting, developing a stronger workforce, prioritizing infrastructure, and improving the state's legal climate.