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Education in Livingston Parish

Livingston Parish is the third top public school system in the state of Louisiana

Livingston Parish Public School System 

The quality of education provided by a school system has a direct bearing on the development of the community. Year after year, the Livingston Parish School System ranks among the top 10 school systems in Louisiana and continues to attract residents and businesses to the parish. The schools maintain a high graduation rate, and student ACT scores also rank in the top 10 statewide year after year.

The credit for this excellence belongs to teachers, principals and various support staff, as well as to the administration that is charged with the responsibility of making the hard decisions involved in running a large school system.  The superintendent of Livingston Parish schools is Rick Wentzel, who was appointed mere weeks before the devastating floods of August 2016.   The school board includes President Keith Martin and members Jeffery Cox, Kellee Hennessey Dickerson, Milton Hughes, Sid Kinchen, Buddy Mincey, Jr., Clint Mitchell, Karen Wax Schmitt, Malcolm Sibley and James Watson.

For a list of schools, the school calendar and other information, see their website at


Higher Education

The Livingston Parish Literacy and Technology Center
The Livingston Parish Literacy and Technology Center is a joint project between Southeastern Louisiana University and the Livingston Parish School Board. The 39,000 square foot center, located on a 24-acre campus on U.S. 190 at Walker, offers a variety of programs for adults and children.

In addition, community education programs with little or no admission requirements are the focus of the Center’s other programming. These programs address many areas of literacy such as financial, technical, and artistic in addition to the traditional form of literacy.

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Colleges and Universities

Livingston Parish students have easy access to three premier four-year universities nearby: Southeastern Louisiana University ( in Hammond, Louisiana State University (, Southern University ( in Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Community College ( in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Technical College, Hammond Branch ( in Hammond and Greensburg and River Parish Community in Sorrento and Gonzales (

CAL Tech - MIT Converge in Livingston Parish

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