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Education Committee - Business & Education Partnership

The Chamber’s Education Committee's purpose is to highlight and further develop a Business & Education Partnership. Education partnerships are vitally important to the business community, and the Chamber’s leadership and facilitation of collaborative programming promotes this.  The Education Committee carries out the Chamber's Program of Work (Business Plan) with a goal of solving business problems, connecting students with community and assisting in preparing students for gainful employment.

Student Interactive Programming:
  This portion of the programming allows for student interaction with the business community.  As suggested, this programming does provide for a more direct approach of working with students.  In 2015, the Chamber launched and tested a new program which received high marks by all involved including participating students, school chaperons and the business owners who dedicated their valuable time. Programming included:

  • Student Career Conference
  • Team building, ethics, job interview preparation
  • Finding the job that fits and how to go about preparing for that career
  • Community - how your community really works and ways to be a good citizen
  • Student / Business Mentoring and Shadowing - As suggested, students are matched with business leaders to shadow for a day.  Mentoring programs are also in the works and assist students in finding the right career choice and the path necessary to pursue that career.


Chamber member representatives are invited to sign up to be a part of the committee.  There are varying levels of commitment to the committee in response to the busy schedules of our business professionals on the committee.  Committee members share an interest in support of the Chamber’s collaboration with the local school system.  Members of the committee's leadership meet monthly to keep the committee and goals on track. For those with cannot meet monthly, we can include you the varying tasks of the committee including:

  • Participating in the one day program
  • Mentoring and / or shadowing student program
  • Assisting with resources for the committee needs
  • Sponsoring the program

Funding for Education Initiatives is through the generosity of the local business community who contribute directly to the designated funds. Please contact the Chamber if you would like to be a participate in the program.

Join the Education Committee - Meets the 2nd Friday of most months - 8:30 a.m. 

Please see here, and fill out the form on the page.