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Annual Reports

2023 Annual Report


Business was on the move and the numbers were up in almost everything we track. It was a year of growth for business engagement, new members, online performance and more.

Board Chair:  James Moak

Chamber President:  April Wehrs

2021 Annual Report


Following the pandemic, 2021 was a year of unknowns with the focus being on adapting and adjusting to the "new normal".

Board Chair:  Thomas "Trey" Sanders, III

Chamber President:  April Wehrs

2017 Annual Report


Following the flood of 2016, 2017 became a year focused on restoring our businesses and communities.  Representing the needs and issues that business faced was never more important.

Board Chair:  Chad Bacas

Chamber President:  April Wehrs


Chad Bacas                                     April Wehrs

2017 Board Chair                            2017 President

Annual Report - 2016

2016 Annual Report Highlights

2016 was all about the flood.  The Chamber building flooded along with most of the community.  Restoring our businesses was the first priority.

The Chamber celebrated 50 years of incorporation.


Board Chair:  Brian Abels

Chamber President:  April Wehrs

Annual Report - 2013

2013 Annual Report Highlights

2013 had so many important milestones.  For the first time in its history the Chamber reached 500 members.  Another milestone was the purchase and establishment of the Chamber owned headquarters.


Board Chair:  Shannon Bernard

Chamber President:  April Wehrs

Annual Report - 2012

2012 Annual Report Highlights

2012 is the first year the chamber wins and is designated as the Louisiana State Chamber of the Year.


  • Leadership Livingston
  • EXPO
  • Installation Banquet
  • Savings for Members


Board Chair:  Regina Scott

Chamber President:  April Wehrs

Monthly Reports