Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce

Why Your Mom & Dad Were Right About Chamber Memberships

Why Your Dad Was Right About Chamber Memberships Okay, so maybe your dad never told you anything about chamber memberships but I’m sure between one of your parents you learned the following lessons. And you might be surprised how they apply to chamber memberships. You Are the Company You Keep Read More

Small Business - At the table? or On the table?

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The Calm after the Storm

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Start-Up Business Advice – 6 Must Read Tips

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Do You Have the Heart of a Business Leader?

Many years ago I was given the book “Heart of a Leader.” It’s a very small book, the kind of thing you can read quickly... Read More


3 Types of Business Stories that Appeal to Millennials

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The Customer is Always Right!

Good customer service is easy once you change your attention from business-driven to customer-focused. The ironic thing about this premise is that with better customer service, your business profits too. Read More


10 Easy Ways to Increase Sales

One of the most obvious ways to boost revenue in your business is to make more sales. Here are ten ways you can start doing that today:Do You Have A Sales Strategy? Most businesses think they have a strategy, but they don’t. Read More